Rashmi was born in India and grew up in Indonesia, until she was 12, at which time her parents immigrated to Canada in search of better opportunities in education. Rashmi chose to pursue Engineering Sciences for her undergraduate degree at Western University, which offered a combined Engineering- Medicine program. After completing the highly intensive collapsed Engineering and Medicine training program, Rashmi became interested in becoming a Cardiac Surgeon. She enjoyed the intersect between engineering and medicine in surgery and wanted to dedicate her career to learning all about the heart and what it takes to perform successful heart surgery. She is now a PGY4 in the program and is pursuing research in Artificial Intelligence in Cardiovascular Medicine under Dr. Bo housed at Toronto General Hospital and Vector Institute. With her research, she hopes to create a conduit for AI solutions to reach the bedside by assessing data housing strategies, promoting AI solutions to clinicians and generating implementable solutions to mundane clinical tasks.

 Rashmi is a keen learner with a solid understanding of good communication, collaboration and teamwork. She enjoys travelling, cooking and learning about climate change, green technologies and generally, creating a more sustainable future.


    Bachelor of Engineering Sciences, Western University, 2008-2012

    Doctor of Medicine, Western University, 2012-2016

    Masters in Science, Health Informatics- AI Emphasis, 2020- Present


    Surgeon Scientist Training Program 2020-Present

    Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence 2020


    Clinical Interests

    Aortic valve disease, Mitral valve disease, Aortic Surgery, Heart Failure and Transplant

    Research Interests

    Artificial Intelligence in Cardiovascular Medicine, Echocardiography, Aortic valve disease, Cardiac strain, Novel disease marker identification using Artificial Intelligence



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  • Chair: Dr. Terrence Yau
  • Divisional Program Administraton: Thanu Sabesan

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